Friday, June 6, 2014

Goodbye Cherry Blossom Tree!

Hello my lovelies! Well, have been a very busy bee of late. It's my daughter's twelfth birthday soon, so I suggested a bit of a 'more grown up' bedroom makeover might be in order. It was time to kiss the sickly frosty pink walls goodbye! I was a little sad to take a paint brush and wallpaper to the walls where I had spent hours painting her cherry blossom tree, but needs must!


I decided to brave it, and to paint everything white, with one feature wall done in a wallpaper patchwork effect. I am always on a strict budget, so my thrifty soul sang out when I managed to paper the entire wall in free wallpaper samples!

Goodbye tree...hello patchwork wall!

The gilt mirror was a boot sale find, and a snip at just £4 after some haggling with the stall holder! The wonder of free wallpaper extended to some framed bird art pictures too! I cut these little birdies out, and used 3d foam to create the picture on the left. 

I also decoupaged this quirky flamingo onto a china plate...

The tired looking orange pine desk was crying out for a pick me up! Nothing that a lick of paint couldn't sort out!



A few finishing touches...

You'll spot some more wallpaper in the mirror reflection above! Those are the wardrobe doors...Now freshly painted and wallpapered!

Finally, after copious amounts of wallpaper paste and white paint, not to mention patience which is not always in big supply, the room is finished! And, thankfully, we have one very happy, nearly twelve year old occupant! 



  1. Your daughters room is gorgeous.. How smart to use the free samples.. Looks like a patchwork quilt.. Know she will enjoy this beautiful room.. Happy decorating.

  2. What a lovely room your daughter has Tania! She must be happy with such a creative mum like you. Wishing you and your daughter a Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Love your new blog :-)

    Madelief x

  3. The patchwork wallpaper is brilliant! Even if budget isn't a problem, think how handy it could be for someone who can't decide between several equally pretty ones. I am also a fan of painting orangey-pine desks. I just painted a turquoise one this past week for my turning-six-year-old.

  4. Your daughters room is fabulous - I would love a room just like that. The patchwork wallpaper is a stroke of genius, well done you. Lovely blog.

  5. Tania,
    I only discovered this new blog of yours today. How wonderful is this patchwork wallpapered wall. I love it! I think it came out beautiful. Thanks so much for your visit the other day. I hope you are doing well.

    XO Danielle

  6. The room is gorgeous! I never would have thought of patchwork wallpaper, but it turned out beautifully!


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