Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday's Whatnots!

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is a jumble of everything and 'whatnot' as the saying goes. And, it will probably become a little institution here at 'Every Little Vintage Thing'. So, from here on, Wednesdays will be marked as 'Wednesday's Whatnots'! So, to kick us off, a post of what I've been up to lately......

Celebrating a friend's birthday....Madhatter's style!

At the weekend we traveled down to what is known as the 'garden of England', the beautiful countryside of Kent, where we visited dear friends who had invited us to a Madhatter's tea party. We were asked to wear hats or something right up my street then, hey? Pink tights and blue shoes it is then!

 I found a wonderful tutorial for making Madhatter's hats at De Su Mama, using lidded paper coffee cups. The idea is to cover the cups in fabric, and then to embellish them with ribbons, buttons or whatever tickles your fancy. I used sticky backed felt instead, which was so easy and quick to use, and a lot less messy! Felt is also very forgiving, and looks seamless. Instead of using the lids for the rim of the hat as the tutorial suggests, I then cut the bottom (rim)  for the hat from cereal boxes, and covered with the felt. I found the lids bumpy and flimsy, and I wanted slightly wider rims for my hats. After attaching the rims and embellishments with a glue gun, I made teeny holes in the rim and added party hat elastic. Voila! 

Our hostess went through a lot of trouble to create the perfect Madhatter's tea party! A lot of fun was had by all!

And then there was a little painting...

I have been threatening to paint the fire surround for years! I am not a fan of orange pine, and it simply had to go. I tried out a chalk paint by 'Authentico', and I was pleased as punch with the results. It gives great coverage, is all natural and easy to use. It also dries super quick, so is a blessing for impatient people like me who hates sitting around watching paint dry! I am planning to paint a desk next!

My next little (actually, it's not so little!) project, is a bedroom makeover for my daughter's birthday...It will involve copious amounts of paint, wallpaper paste and sewing till I'm indigo blue in the face! I will keep you posted! Till next time chooks!


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