Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Post: Taking the plunge!

Here goes...the very first blog post! I have been dipping my toes into a pool of writer's ink over the last few weeks, only to quickly withdraw them in hesitance due to cold feet! Yip, I have been blogging for a long time now, but this is a new little venture for me, and I have been toiling over the content of the first post for so long now, it's given me a case of writer's block! I keep typing a few sentences, only to mentally rip up the page in order to propel it into the waste basket! I feel a little nervous, like at the start of a football match, anxiously awaiting the sound of the whistle to give me that push to boot the ball into the air! So, there is only one thing for it...Stop dipping my toes hesitantly, take a deep breath, and knees to chest  just water bomb right in!

So, I'll kick off with some and aqua!

Summer is upon us, and everything feels lighter and brighter. The urge to bathe everything in pastel prettiness has taken over, so I've spent the weekend repainting a little old cupboard in the master bedroom a very light pink, 'Love Note' by Dulux. Yip, no Mrs. Sloan here today, but only because I thought I'd put the two sample pots I already had to use! I have been threatening to take the paint brush to it for years...six years to be exact! I really don't know why it has taken me so long to do it. I am very happy with the results.  Once I'd given it a good lashing of chalky loveliness, I distressed it...I like things a little shabby! With a few favourite treasures tucked up inside, it's been given a new lease of life!



After doing that, I figured I needed to give the very dull bedside table lamp a little zing, so drawing on my favourite colour combo of pink and aqua, I attached a little ribbon and a few buttons to the shade. It looks a little more cheery now!

My appetite for creative pursuits had been properly wet at this point, so I decided to reach for a felting needle! I had attempted making a felted mouse some time ago, but when it looked like nothing but a lump of cellulite, I quickly abandoned the roving and discarded the lumpy mouse to the back of the cupboard! But, today I thought I'd give it another bash! Ahem...several bashings to my thumb with the felting needle later, I'm quite pleased with how he turned out! Not perfect, but a mouse nonetheless!

So, let's take some notes. If there is a lesson to be learned from this, here it is...Do not procrastinate, do not give up. When in doubt, take a leap of faith, and write that first post, paint that little old cupboard, felt that first mouse. For today is here, now. Tomorrow? Well, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.
Seize the day. Here is to more happy, productive and proactive hours!



  1. Hi Tania. I love that little guy. He looks perfect to me, but as a fellow crafter I know that one agonises over the flaws and mistakes nobody even notices! My first and only attempt at felting was, like you, not a good experience so I'm inspired to conquer the needle (I broke several) and look out the wool roving balled up in my craft cupboard. Love the post and pics!

  2. Lovely first post, love how the cupboard turned out and the little mouse is gorgeous. Looking forward to reading more posts. I have got the header made for my blog but got no further yet lol

  3. Not perfect? It's blinkin' well brilliant! I am in love'


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