Sunday, August 17, 2014

This old thing?

Is is just me, or has anyone else out there been glued to Channel 4 for the first series of  'This old thing'? Dawn O'Porter did a sterling job at looking every inch the embodiment of all things 60's! This series aimed to convert high street shoppers  into more adventurous, vintage loving, vintage wearing fashionistas. Now, I for one have always loved vintage, and I have been shopping for vintage for a long time now. I do not EVER turn my nose up at a pre-loved frock from the forties, or a 70's blouse that has already lived the high life. Oh no sirree! I believe, just like the very lovely Ms O'Porter, that there is much life left in vintage garments, and the magic lies in seeing the potential in something that is unique and completely different from anything anyone else is wearing. Where do you stand when it comes to purchasing clothes? Do you roll your eyes at the mere thought of wearing 'second hand', or does the idea of finding one-off gems from the past get your pulse racing? 

Today, I am featuring my first 'outfit post'. Inspired by the recent television show, I thought I'd share an oldie, but a goodie, something which I had found on the hanging rail of a pre-loved shop. I fell in love with it at first glance...

Yes, this old thing! This skirt wolf whistled at me from the other side of the shop! When I spotted the yummy, colourful stripes, it was all I needed to frog leap across another shopper, all whilst crossing my fingers that it would be my size! That is the one unfortunate thing about shopping for vintage...The ladies from yesteryear had tiny little waists, and this does not always fit my size 14 frame! The sizing of vintage garments are very small in comparison to modern sizing. All this means, is that you have to look and dig a little deeper, and with an open mind! But, the sun was shining down on me that day, for the skirt was a perfect fit!

Perfect for a sneaky cocktail evening...

Perfect for work...

...or play?

To top it off, I found this cheerful embroidered bag at the same time!

Yes, there is much live left in 'this old thing'!



  1. Olá Tania a saia é perfeita,amo plissado e as cores vivas enche meus olhos.Lindo post amiga.Bom fim de domingo.Beijo.Valéria.(Brasil).

    1. Hi Valeria! Thank you for your lovely compliments! It is always so lovely to hear from you. Blessings, Tania x

  2. You look fabulous in your vintage skirt Tania! I wish I could see that program on tv in Holland as well, but unfortunately we don't have channel four.

    Love to combine new and old finds too. I think it makes ones style unique!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

    1. Hi Madelief! Thank you so very much. I am delighted with it. You are such a stylish lady, and inspire me! Have a great week! Tania x

  3. Tania your skirt is wonderful, and it suits you perfectly - I too loved the show This Old Thing - I loved to watch the experts work their magic on the stuff that folk had brought in. Unfortunately for me my figure is far too curvy to fit into anything vintage, I am going to have to look into making my own clothes I think.

    1. Hi Lorna! I too loved all the garment make-overs. I think I might take a fresh look at my wardrobe, and try my hand at adding a little sparkle! I find it so frustrating when I see lovely vintage garments, but they don't fit! Luckily there are such lovely reproductions around these days which cater for curvier ladies! Tania xxx


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