Saturday, August 9, 2014

Let it shine!

Today...a little lamp make-over...

This lamp used to sit on my little man's bedside table. He has a new one now, so said lamp was the back of the cupboard it went. It spent a long time in the wilderness of 'The Forgotten', but it has been called back for duty! I need a new lamp for my work desk. One that shines bright at midnight and into the wee morning hours...A light that doesn't fade or shy away, whilst I make and create, sewing little stitches and  craft new creations. This is the lamp in it's 'forgotten state'...

Armed with a can of spray paint, a fresh retro apple green, I set to work. Once it had a couple of coats, it waited...was almost a second time forgotten...

It needed a little depth, a little something new and brave! I found some transparent stickers, and decided that was 'IT'!

Now, it has to be a big, brave light. Not a shy one that hides under a shade. Oh no sirree! So of course only a big, brave, giant bulb will do!

'Hide it under a bush? Oh no! I'm gonna let it shine!'

I love my new brave lamp. I look forward to it keeping me company late at night whilst everyone else is tucked up in bed, and I'm beavering away at the sewing machine. And best of didn't cost a penny! Just using what I already had! 

Hope your weekend is a jolly one!


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  1. What a great use of transparent stickers - I love it


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