Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Fishy Farewell...

Hello m'dearies! The past two weeks have seen blissfully happy days, and then days with mixed emotions too! Very dear friends of ours are moving on to pastures new. They are undertaking a great adventure by relocating (for now) to a continent far-far-away from us, and although I am so very excited for them, I can't help but feel the nagging void that their absence is creating! Sometimes in life you meet new people, and before you know it they have tread deep footprints all the way deep into your heart. They become your dearest friends, the kind who catch you when you fall, and build you up when something feels broken. They encourage, listen, advise and forgive, and if you're very blessed, they always see the greater in you. Above all, they laugh with you, sing with you, dance with you, until your belly hurts, and you loose your voice. They reminisce with you. Oh, how I will miss this precious family!

We decided to have one last supper before they left. As they're embracing a whole new culture on their travels, we thought it only apt to give them a typically British send-off...a 'fishy farewell' in the shape of a 'Fish-and-chips dinner party'!

As fish and chips was traditionally served in newspaper, I decided to use newspaper as a table cloth instead, and teamed with red and blue it looked cheerful indeed!

Then, a few typically British touches to dress the table...

A few Chinese of course as that's where they're headed!

With belly laughter, food and natter we said our goodbyes. Until we meet again.


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