Friday, July 4, 2014

Feel free...

'Nothing in life is free'...So the saying goes. Do you agree? Well, I for one will always try to challenge this, pushing the boundaries to try and squeeze a little 'free'-dom out of  life that will make my thrifty soul sing! In a previous post I shared with you a patchwork wall that I did in my daughter's bedroom, and it was what I would consider 'free', as the entire wall was done in wallpaper samples which I had collected free of charge over a period of time. Apart from the glue to stick the paper to the wall of course, which only cost me a couple of pounds. Well, this got me thinking....

I had requested some fabric swatches from several stores over a period of time, and inspired by a magazine feature, I thought I should create something from these. At first I thought I'd make a table cloth, then I set to work to make a little patchwork rug to place by the fireplace. The little patches of prettiness seemed a little lonely and disjointed on their own, but together they weaved  a canvas of indulgent colours, texture and interest that would cheer up a dull floor. Or so I thought...

Once I'd pieced it all together, I placed it on the floor, but for some reason the idea of little feet treading on it filled me with angst! The luxurious samples seemed to precious to step on with mucky toes! So, I hung it on the wall of course! a little bit of textured art...for free!

I decided that the fire place could do with a pick me up to. I wanted some accent colours to pop, so I spray painted an old oil lamp, photo frame and magazine rack in a fresh retro apple green. 

The oil lamp...

The frame...

A few more colourful finishing abundant country garden, depicted with buttons...a whimsical button tree...and fairy lights in a vintage vase...

All that remains now, is deciding if the retro magazine rack will be used as intended, or will it house my beloved vinyl records? Hmmm....What a dilemma!

Thank you for taking the time to read. Have you made, found or aquired a little freebie of late? Do share! I'd love to hear from you. Have a happy weekend!



  1. Your house and all your little treasures look lovely and I love the wall hanging. It did cross my mind as I was reading this, that rugs are for stepping on and all too soon, that lovely patchwork would be ruined, so glad you changed your mind LOL
    Kathleen xx

  2. Your patchwork looks beautiful against the wall Tania! Lovely photo of you and your husband! So brave of you to do. I look absolutely antique in mine :-)

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x


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