Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From drab to fab!

Hello my lovelies! How the last few weeks have flown! It seems I blinked and missed the last three! This time of year always feels a little manic, with the kidlets back at school, settling into a new routine, and the last days of summer waving goodbye whilst ushering in shorter days and longer nights. We daren't complain as we've had such a beautiful Indian summer, with warm, sunny days lingering a little longer than usual for this time of year.

I did manage to squeeze in a little wander round the boot sale on one such glorious day, and I came away feeling very pleased with my find of the day. Okay...hubby made no attempt at hiding his horror at my haul of a vintage sewing stool! And yes, it looked worse for wear to say the least as I dragged it off to the car, but one has to sometimes think beyond the obvious! All it needed was some tender loving care...

Here is how it looked before...tired, dirty, dated...

I carefully removed the somewhat ghastly, furry, maroon cover, as well as the stained red satin from it's bowels. Eugh...A slightly less than savoury chore, with a lot of dust and fibres flying everywhere. Note to self: Next time, where a mask! After I'd stripped it bare, I gave it a spit and polish, sanded down the legs and took a paint brush to it. I just love the shapely mid-century legs, and decided to show them off in mustard yellow, with their tootsies dipped in pink! Some wadding, pretty fabric, trim, glue and a few staples later, and I was as pleased as a pig in mud with my new sewing stool!


I now have a lovely, cheerful new sewing box/stool to keep all the bits at hand when sitting in front of the Goggle box to do a little crafting.  

A lesson learned from this little project? Always try to see the good in something. Potential might just be lurking beneath the layer of dirty velour!



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