Saturday, September 13, 2014

How do I love thee...?

Today's post is a serious, in depth study and analysis of a love affair...Or perhaps just my interpretation of a love sonnet? To all chocoholics out there...this is for you...

'How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...'

I am convinced that when Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote this famous sonnet, she was talking about chocolate. What else could possibly have stirred up such emotion and feelings of abandon?

'I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight. For the ends of Being, and ideal Grace...
I love thee to the level of every day's most quiet sun...

...and candle light...'

{Or, as it may be in my the truck loads...Mmmmm...a truck load of truffles? Yes please!}

'I love thee with the the breath, 
Smiles, tears of all my life'

Hmmmm...What could have urged Ms Browning to such heights of devotion? It means one thing...This passionate declaration of love clearly tells me that 'Nutella' is in fact a product that dates back to Victorian times. It obviously had it's existence a long time before Nigella chose to share her delectable Nutella Cheesecake with civilization...And perhaps Elizabeth herself was the first to whip up this velvety desert of desire...

....But thank you NIGELLA for sharing the recipe...(click on link to take you to heavenly recipe!)

We all know Nigella as the queen of smoulder in the kitchen...Her love for chocolate lures her to the fridge in the dark of night, where she whips out her spoon to delve into the delicious delights of deserts, hidden on the shelves of her generous, double door fridge...  

But don't we all...?

Okay...maybe not...


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  1. You are right. We do love our chocolate Tania! Great photo of you :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


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